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Michael Stroud - "Magic Mike"

Magic Mike and his ever-changing cast of fun-loving characters will keep kids from fidgeting for hours! Make sure you don't miss his show, or learn how to book him by clicking on Touring Show! And don't forget to learn all about his TV Shows and the Video that'll keep kids from fidgeting for weeks!
Magic Mike's Funhouse is the ultimate in live action family fun! It is an unusual, extremely original and highly interactive show that features skillfully executed illusions, technically demanding feats of jugglery and balance, and performance-art based songs and dance numbers. The audience is led through a labyrinth of laughter that includes serious levels of spontaneity! With different story lines for each show, you will be drawn in both mentally and physically into an impossible world of cartoonish characters that need you to survive. Expand your comic consciousness and enter



  • MICHAEL STROUD-COLORFUL ILLUSIONIST: an array of grand-scale magic
  • CIRCO MAGICO: magic circus with juggling and variety acts
  • MAGI-COMEDY: stand up comedy magic act
  • CLOSE-UP MAGIC: intimate style for groups of 2-10 people at a time

  • Majinga the Magician

    Internationally famous Majinga the Magician has performed in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Mexico, Alaska, Canada, and all over the United states. He has performed at Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle, at Bally’s in Las Vegas, and been featured on national television (PBS Bill Moyers special).
    Majinga the Magician is King of the Gypsy Magicians- with a sophisticated, romantic style- his smooth sleight-of-hand is equal only to his novel presentations and ability to identify with all ages and cultures, defining the common thread of magic that ties all of our imaginations together.
    Witness a handful of salt transform, in the palm of his hand, into a live mouse that runs up his sleeve. A moment later, the mouse turns into an excited, flapping white bird- who later turns into a giant duck who rides a bicycle!
    Watch in amazement as a fragile egg appears between his fingertips in a blinding flash of light- multiplies into several handfuls of eggs, which spin and dance around his fingers as if they were magnetic. When one of the eggs hatches with a thick cloud of green smoke, a real live baby dragon appears from the mist,sticking out his forked tongue and threatening to breathe fire.
    You won’t believe your eyes!

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